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The Gold for Transformative Storytelling

You know you've reached greatness with a brand when your work does not feel like "an ad"

It feels like so much more.

The new iPhone television spot playing throughout the Rio Olympic broadcast is a terrific example of this superior type of gripping communication (I can't bring myself to even call it an 'ad.')


Values based.


Told partly from the average customer's point of view (their iPhone photos) but blended in with pure human greatness (Maya Angelou's words)...a true recipe for story success.

One of the secrets of this engaging spot is its understated nature. It does what all great ads (oops - I said it) do - it respects the intelligence of the viewer.

Maya Angelou is a world wide figure of the first degree. But wisely, her name is not mentioned though the words are from her "Human Family" poem. Nor is it referenced that the melodious voice reading these inspired words is the voice none other than Maya Angelo herself. Genius.

Some know that. Some discover that. Others never know. The key is that it is left to the viewer to recognize.

So refreshing in this "in your face" culture of ours today. (Especially in the ever suspect world of celebrity endorsements.)

The lessons here for anyone wanting to connect with your customers whether through a television ad or through any other means of communications such as an ordinary letter to your customers:

Be simple

Be humble

Be smart

Be passionate about your values

Be respectful to your customers

By doing these, you will be what all great brands strive to be today - an engaging storyteller. And, once you are that, grateful customers will follow.

If other readers have examples of 'people believe people' branding - send it our way. We love these tales where the 'magic' is working - in all kinds of places and all kinds of businesses.


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