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Wicked Taco 

The craft beer of tacos.


Wicked Taco Insight

Big River is helping Wicked Taco fulfill it’s promise of offering the freshest, most uniquely flavorful handcrafted tacos to college towns across America. From brand identity, to restaurant environments, menus, merchandise, and digital and social media, we strategically crafted every touch point to reflect the style and spirit of the local campus community. Since opening its two pilot locations in Blacksburg and Raleigh, sales have exceeded even the highest expectations. The Wicked Taco revolution has begun!

2014-05-03 04.41.21
Wicked smarts serve up wicked success.

Spanning concept to completion, Big River crafted every touch point, from the brand identity, to space design, to digital and social media. A loyalty-building pre-opening brand ambassador programs ensured a successful launch and helped ensure both interest and sales growth.

Wicked Revolution 

From website to social, we employ a host of robust digital applications that ensure Wicked Taco remains at the forefront of the fast casual foodie revolution.

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