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Awesome Work Amid Strange Times

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

So times have obviously changed in massive ways lately. Given all these titanic shifts in their world today, it seems most companies just don't know what to say at this point.

So most are not saying much.

But a few confident companies who have always viewed themselves as leaders have again stepped up. The pros. The ones who always step in while others step out or just take a seat once again on the sidelines.

Thank goodness that insightful companies like Apple and Nike still understand the power of advertising and great storytelling as evidenced from their spots below. Most of the rest of today's business world has dismissed great advertising as they have become enamored with the quick, more tangible fix of "likes" and targeted tweets. Sure, they are saving money, but isn't the soul of business today more about purpose and convictions? "What do we stand for?" and "Why do we exist?" That is what really matters in these challenging times. And, that's really hard to convey in a Facebook post.

So, thank goodness some companies still understand what advertising is all about.

First, Apple.

As has been their history, Apple is so in tune with what is authentically happening with the current American culture - always has been. This is not by chance. Apple always comes at things 100% from the consumer perspective. They work hard at listening, observing, empathizing. After all, their original mantra was "for the rest of us."

So now, amid the pandemic, they tap into what is truly going on with working Americans these days via dead-on, insightful humor. We can all see ourselves in their outstanding "The Whole Working-From-Home Thing" spot.

Check it out...

Notice how they skillfully wove in many Apple products while they kept us engaged in their modern day story. Terrific acting. Funny dialogue. Shot from the Zoom perspective that we're all living right now. Really great spot.

And Nike.

Not the humor approach. But, a relatable, hopeful piece for a country that passionately loves their sports and are missing the heck out of seeing our athletes soar, jump, kick, swing, compete and persevere.

We are more than a little anxious - will our great sports really ever come back? Nike sees themselves as the undisputed leader - the king, the czar, the emperor of sports worldwide - and they take every opportunity to position themselves as such. So, as a leader, they unabashedly reassure us all: yes, sports in all its glory will all be back.

Awesome. Nike is the Winston Churchill of the sports world. They uplift us all by foreseeing that sports will come out of this pandemic in "its finest hour."

This is still what makes our industry great. Telling stories powerfully.

And, I must make a nod to P&G. Taking a sensitive subject and getting at the heart of the matter.

Only two spoken words in the entire piece -"all rise". Quite a message.

To be an outstanding organization these days, you must have an authentic purpose. It doesn't matter if you're a company that makes toothpaste or running shoes or a law firm or an accounting organization - to be alive, you must lead today with an authentic purpose. This inspires your people - your employees, your customers, your community. Lead with purpose and tell your purposeful stories powerfully.

A lot of people are saying these days that the advertising industry is dying. Isn't it just about new technical wonders like advanced analytics and efficient programmatic media?

Not in the deeper, increasingly more meaningful world that I see today.

What you have viewed above is outstanding advertising. Relevant stories told in a meaningful way that truly connects with and inspires people.

I think we need to see more organizations step up and tell their meaningful stories which come genuinely from their purpose.

Our industry is here to help. Long live advertising.

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