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Budweiser - The King of Storytellers

Budweiser has already made my 4th of July holiday better.

Yep, the folks at Anheuser Busch have done it again. They have reminded me of why I truly love this advertising business.

Amid all the industry talk these days of 'likes' and 'bytes' and 'cookies' and 'clicks' and ...whatever.

To me, it is really about your story. Your true, authentic, connecting brand story.

It is all about telling an authentic story in a meaningful, powerful, and emotional way. A story that accentuates your values - what you believe in - what you stand for as an organization.

Telling the right the right the right way.

That's the magic I love.

So, without further ado ....hopefully, this ad is for you....because it sure was for me.

Happy 4th everyone.

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