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A Brand on a Mission

Everything matters.

For those who truly want to build a credible, strong brand - no words are more true.

You put this "everything matters" approach behind an organization with a true, defined purpose? Well then, you have real brand magic.

That brand purpose clearly has to answer two questions:

What do you stand for?

Why do you exist?

An excellent example of this winning "everything matters" + "brand purpose" equation is Mission Barbecue.

Ever been to a Mission Barbecue?

Well, if you're headed there for lunch, I have a really big tip for you - get there by 11:55. You will immediately see how much they stand behind their brand - in every way.

Mission Barbecue is clear about who they are. They proudly serve all those Americans who serve.

Soldiers. Firefighters. Police officers. First responders.

Mission Barbecue is all about paying tribute to those special Americans.

So, at 12 noon everyday in all 37 locations across 11 states, Mission Barbecue pauses - asks everyone in all their restaurants to stand, put their hand over their heart, and sing along as they play our Star Spangled Banner.

12 Noon and everyone is proudly standing and saluting our flag as the Star Spangled Banner is played.

Bold move. Impactful move. Distinctive (can you image standing up in a Panera and singing to Old Glory?).

And, "dead on" the Mission Barbecue brand strategy.

You should visit and you will see that everything - from the photos on the walls,

Terrific vintage and localized photos of those who serve like this circa 1962 pic of the Henrico, Va police force

to the military mess kit for the silverware,

How cool is this?  All the silver ware and condiments housed in a vintage Korean War mess kit.

to financially supporting those "saluting those who serve" charities,

to the armored military vehicles in the parking lot.

Who can resist "shock and awe" military toys - complete with a Mission Barbecue available for catering message.

Everything is in support of their 'mission' - proudly serving those who serve.

And, you can just feel the collective pride in our country when you are eating at Mission Barbecue. As Daniel from our Big River team pointed out: "because everyone in here is respectful of those that serve our country, they are just more respectful of each other. More polite. More bonded with each other. It is a really pleasurable dining experience."

That is the ultimate - where the brand is positively effecting the overall customer experience.

So, head on over to Mission Barbecue to see, feel and taste a truly unified brand in action. It's a beautiful thing.

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