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Branding - In The Unlikeliest of Places


Sometimes, we make things tougher than they really need to be.

A faithful Fred Moore or Less reader from South Carolina (Go Tigers!) sent a terrific example of a very effective, yet, so simple branding effort.

Thank you Bradley.

This is a great, quick case history of a business taking a little extra time and effort to develop, from the outset, a personalized connection with a customer.

Do they have to do this? No. Does it make an impact? Read on.

Bradley writes in his email to me:

Thought I'd share this with you. My aunt who lives in Denver took her car to a random shop before she went on vacation and received these updates all weekend.

After Bradley's aunt dropped off her car, she received this first text:

Very reassuring in a category that has us all....well?... wondering sometimes.

Bradley continues:

Then, with each day, this out of nowhere auto repair shop took a few seconds to develop a relationship with my aunt.

They care enough to say her business is important to them.

Next day...

And, as Bradley says, the last text is the best:

A little fun. A little reassurance, again. A lot of personality.

And quite possibly, a new customer for life.

Bradley reflects on these simple texts:

They [ABRA Auto Body & Glass] know how to create a relationship with their customers. I can almost guarantee you my aunt will never go to another body shop.

All from taking a little extra time and effort to develop a personal relationship with a customer.

A body shop - of all places - that sees an opportunity with each customer to start a personable relationship.

Sometimes the simplest of branding efforts can have a lasting impact.

Great stuff Bradley - thank you.

If other readers have examples of 'people believe people' branding - send it our way. We love these tales where the 'magic' is working - in all kinds of places and all kinds of businesses.


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