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Virginia Farm Bureau 

Virginia. This is home.



Virginia Farm Bureau Insight

Virginia Farm Bureau is a different kind of insurance company. 65 years ago, Farm Bureau made a promise to the farmers of Virginia to nurture and support the Virginian way of life, and to ensure a bright future for their children—and their children’s children. It's a promise they hold true to this day by supporting every member with personalized service, guidance and care for what matters most to them. When you insure with Farm Bureau, you are actively supporting Virginia farmers and agriculture, and helping preserve and protect the state we love and call home.


Led by extensive research and consumer insights, Big River helped Virginia Farm Bureau discover their brand pupropse and develop a strategic plan to bring it to life through employee workshops, customer engagement and communications, and a televised campaign. Together, we're helping Virginia Farm Bureau keep Virginia, Virginia—for generations to come.

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