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This is the easy part.



FAMIS Insight

Who knew that the easiest part of being a parent is signing your kids up for affordable healthcare? Surprised? Most parents probably are, because we’ve all been there.


But with FAMIS, all it takes is one quick phone call to sign your children up for affordable and extensive health insurance. Just a simple conversation or a few clicks online. That’s it. As a matter of fact, getting FAMIS health insurance might actually be the easiest part of parenting. FAMIS. This is the easy part.

We're proud that our work with FAMIS has been recognized with two bronze Telly Awards and a silver Healtcare Advertising Award.


Sotherly Website
Sotherly Website
Sotherly Website
Ready. Set. Covered.

With a goal to substantially increase enrollment (35,000 children this year), we crafted a message speaking directly to working parents and grandparents of children and teens who are under the poverty line but not eligible to qualify for Medicaid. They want the best for their children, but are overwhelmed down by the demands of life and parenting, and lack the ability to envision a positive outcome when it comes to their child’s needs for quality health insurance. 


Our "Ready. Set. Covered" campaign set a playful, positive tone, helping offset the very real emotions of fear, guilt and stress felt by parents and their uncertainty around providing children with health insurance. It highlighted the simplicity, ease and speed of obtaining coverage, suggesting that obtaining quality health insurance for their chilren just might be the easiest part of parenting. 

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