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Center of the Universe 

It all revolves around the beer.

COTU Insight

What happens when two brothers—one a pro baseball player and the other a scientist—quit their day jobs to start brewing some of the best craft beer in Virginia? You find the Center of the Universe, that’s what. From their unique story and identity to bottle designs and brand extensions, we're helping Chris and Phil build their small town craft brewery into one of the most recognized brands in the region, if not the universe!

Chin Music
Chin Music

Big River teamed up with COTU and The Richmond Flying Squirrels to develop Chin Music. More than just the perfect brew to enjoy while watching America’s favorite pastime, it’s the first—and only—signature beer ever designed specifically for Richmond’s hometown team.


COTU’s celebration of history and hops comes flavorfully in Pocahoptas. To embody this bold, hop-forward India Pale Ale, Big River created an Art Nouveau-inspired incarnation of the Virginia’s very own hop goddess, Pocahoptas.

Orange is the new stout
Orange is the New Stout

Craft beer flavors are as stylish and quirky as pop culture itself. As depicted in the bottle’s fresh, fun design, COTU’s Orange is the New Stout is like plunging into a liquid chocolate-orange truffle. And what could possibly be better than that?

More beer, please.
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